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"How Would Your Life Change If You Combined Your Passion for Jesus and Your Real Estate Investing Career?..."

Learn For FREE From The Wisdom of 13 of The Top Real Estate Investing Experts And Entrepreneurs in the Country During Our 2020 Equipping You to Prosper Summit
October 27th - 29th

The Equipping You to Prosper Summit

  October 27th - 29th 2020

Dear Believer in Christ,

Have you found yourself thinking...
Am I Truly Living My Life's Purpose?
Over the years, I've seen Godly men and women get to a point in their lives where they believed that in order to truly serve God, they needed to serve behind the pulpit.

There are certainly those who have such a calling on their lives...but...
What If Your Giftings Were Meant To Be Used In The Marketplace?  What If You Were Called To Take Back The Land The Enemy Has Stolen From HIS People?
Are you a Kingdom-minded real estate investor or desire to be? Have you found it hard, if not impossible, to find those you can learn from who share both your enthusiasm for the Lord AND passion for real estate?

There seems to be a lack of integrity and righteous work ethic in our society and it's time to change that for His glory!  We are called to take the land and prosper in all our hands touch, so why does it often seem
so hard to do?  These are great questions that our Kingdom-Minded Experts answer in these exclusive Equipping You To Prosper Summit lessons.

We have gone to great lengths to get the best of the best in this industry to share their expertise, experience, secret strategies, tips and wise advice with us. You will learn exactly what you must know to walk in the natural while experiencing the supernatural promotion God has in store for you this season.

Become Equipped to Prosper!  You will learn...
  • How to Change Your Mindset for Success
  • Strategies to Grow & Protect Your Wealth
  • How to Improve Your Bottom Line by $10K on Every Flip
  • ​Making Big Money in Commercial Real Estate
  • How to Grow Wealth & Make Money Work for You
  • How to Build a 7-Figure Real Estate Business
  • How to Stay Safe in a Hostile Environment
  • ​Saying Yes to God & Living in Increase
Our names are Juan and Sharon Restrepo and we are the co-founders of the Equipping You To Prosper Summit.  It is our goal to equip fellow believers in overcoming obstacles that were never meant to stand in their way in the first place.

We recognize that now more than ever is the time to stop living under the enemy's feet and put him under our feet, not just in our personal lives, but in the marketplace too.

We help Kingdom-Minded investors who want to live their destiny discover the path to do so.

When they finally achieve it, they experience true joy as well as the freedom to serve others in ways they only hoped they'd be able to do at some point in their lives.

Imagine living the life Jesus went to the cross to provide....wait....don't imagine it, live it.  Register today and join your brothers and sisters in Christ as we take the land under our feet, prospering in Kingdom business, just as we were created to do.
Faith-Based Real Estate Investing At Its Best!
The Equipping You to Prosper Summit is created to awaken the true entrepreneurial spirit within, given to you by God - the Ultimate Entrepreneur.  His Word teaches us how to prosper.
It's finally time to step into our promised land and put our hands to the plow and prosper!

Colossians 3:23-24 (NKJV) "And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ."

So we asked 13 of the country's best experts on the strategies we knew must be shared.
People who specialize in all of the major areas of this business, such as:
  • Wholesaling, Flipping & Retiring Rich with Rentals
  • Rehabbing for Profit
  • Wealth Strategies
  • ​Physical Due Diligence Tips
  • ​Protecting Yourself - Not Just Your Assets
  • ​Today's Technology - What We Should Know
  • Commercial Apartment Building Investing
  • Long-term Wealth Strategies
  • Luxury Market - The Mindset Shift to Making it Big
  • ​Making Money in the Note Buying & Selling Business
  • ​Managing Time, Family & Family
  • ​Impact of Investing Over Time
Let Me Introduce You To Your Summit Speakers
The Equipping You to Propser Summit Speakers Have Been Featured in...
Wall Street Journal
FOX News
FOX Business
Christian Television Network
Podfest Global Summit
USA Today
Oprah Winfrey
ABC 2020
Travel Channel
Palm Beach Post
Comcast Newsmakers
Frank McKinney
"Motivation washes off in the shower; inspiration wears off like effects of a sunburn, but aspiration can alter your DNA and change your life forever."
Sharon Restrepo
"I believe we are called to Take the Land and prosper in doing so. I love to teach other believers called to the same destiny how to do the same."
Jon Bolton
"Real Estate Investors can take all kinds of classes but never learn how to avoid getting burned. Nobody is teaching what I teach. They must know this stuff!"
Scott Carson
"I believe the United States is on sale and when we buy debt versus property, we can take advantage of deals in a whole new way."
Greg Russell
"The world is online & real estate investments are no exception. I help investors take their business online to achieve more success. It's much easier than they think and with the right tech tools and tips, anyone can do it."
Ellis Hammond
"God-sized goals require God-sized faith & investments. Being in ministry first, I saw the need to fund our faith and used commercial real estate to do so. I can't wait to share that with you."
Marina Couto
"We help investors from every walk of life use wealth accumulation strategies to retire rich and enjoy life along the way.  There's no need to live poor now to retire rich later."
Gustavo Couto
"Investors who think they don't have enough capital just don't understand how to leverage what they do have. With the right game plan, they can accomplish so much more."
Jason Debono
"Most investors have no idea how  they can really use their IRA to grow wealth. What keeps us poor is what we don't know. Investors can open and grow their IRA rapidly - they just need to know how."
Darin Fredrickson
"As a former criminal specialist, I teach folks how to see the bad guys before they see you...90% of issues can be avoided when you know how to protect yourself and your assets. Stop being a victim now."
Pete Youngs
"When it comes to flipping homes, I teach investors how to save tons renovating the right way, increasing their profits $10K on each flip. There are also many great tips hidden right inside Home Depot."
Yanik Silver
"I thought I was late to the game when I finally came into my 'AHA' moment but with the right mindset I scaled to reach goals I had only dreamed."
Juan Restrepo
"Motivated investors often sacrifice family, friends and even God in pursuit of increased finances, wondering why chasing provision instead of chasing the Provider isn't working. I love sharing how God teaches us to prioritize and trust Him to provide."
Kendra Todd
"Following God leads you to success. Learning to say, 'Yes' to God is the best thing we can do to achieve victory in all our hands touch. Looking back at all that I have walked through and accomplished proves that He can do more through our obedience than we can ever achieve on our own."
See All the Summit Sessions
All interviews each day will go live at 10am eastern standard time (New York City).
Oct 27th
 Preparing to Prosper
  • Mindset Shift - Aspire to Make it Big
    Frank McKinney
  • Take the Land & Prosper in Your Promised Land
    Sharon Restrepo
  • Inspection Strategies for Investors - Avoid Getting Burned
    Jon Bolton
  • Renovation Secrets That Bring $10K Profit on Each Deal
    Pete Youngs
Oct 28th
 Prospering Now & Moving Forward
  • Making Money with Notes - Learn How to Get the Deal in a New Way
    Scott Carson
  • Technology for Investors - Taking Your Business Online
    Greg Russell
  • Commercial Apartment Building Investing - Fund Your Faith
    Ellis Hammond
  • IRA Wealth Strategies You Must Know
    Jason DeBono
  • Impact of Investing Over Time  & Saying YES to God
    Kendra Todd
Oct 29th
  Stewarding Prosperity
  • The Unbeliever's Approach to Destiny - It's Not Too Late to Start
    Yanik Silver
  • Creative Money & Wealth Strategies
    Gustavo & Marina Couto
  • Stewarding Time, Family & Money - Priorities in Focus
    Juan Restrepo
  • Protecting Yourself - Not Just Your AssetsDarin Fredrickson
Why We Believe You Should Attend the 
"Equipping You to Prosper Summit"...
So You Can Gain Powerful Insights From Those Who Have
Been Empowered By The Almighty To Attain Success For HIS Glory!

Beside the opportunity to learn from Incredible Experts, you get to do so from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office! 

Where else can you receive this type of wise counsel, expert secrets and life-changing education for such a low cost?
You couldn't see ONE of these speakers for the cost to learn from ALL of them!

The value and return on investment is insane. Without airfare, travel expenses or leaving home, the way you do life and business will change!

Juan & Sharon Restrepo
Juan and Sharon have been engrossed in the ultra competitive hot South Florida real estate market for over 25 years.

Being faith-filled investors themselves, they successfully operate their South Florida based real estate brokerage which caters to local and foreign investors and offers a variety of niche services enabling their clients to accumulate wealth with real estate investments.

They are experts in their field, authors, speakers and teachers.  They recognize the need for bringing faith-based education, tools and strategies to Kingdom-minded investors and decided to do something about it!

Equipping You To Prosper

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